The Terramarusrex

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Just South of The Carlsbad Village down the 101 you will come across a perfectly shaped cliff line named Terramar.  Thousands of years of waves have shaped this surf spot into the most chillin longboard spot in Carlsbad.

The waves build and crash over a shallow reef break peeling right and left.  On a good day Terramar's waves rival the best in the world.  The slow moving wave provides hours of fun and endless time to pull all types of longboard moves.

We designed the Terramarusrex to maximize this surf spot.  We started with a classic longboard design and widened out the nose for a 23" deck to hang ten on.  The board continues on this wider line thru the deck until it's pulled into a square tail finish.  US Blanks provided the foam on this board with a wider stringer and sweet rocker this board will catch continuous waves. 

 Built and hand-crafted in North County San Diego, this board is available in sizes starting at 9 foot.