The Campgrounds

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Inspired by the Campgrounds that line the southern most tip of Carlsbad, this fun board is designed to make everyone's vacation to the coast jam packed with fun waves.  Whether you stay for just a few hours or camp the whole weekend, bring this board with you and enjoy good times.

We wanted to create a board that reflected the vibe of the state park and matched the easy going waves that break up and down the staircases there. 

We started with a full nose and wide deck that would provide easy glide into waves and stability for its rider.  The long stretching outline of the board is accented by a hand-crafted round tail making for easy turns.

We finished The Campgrounds with a classic single fin essential for smooth arcing turns and fluid, flowing surf sessions.

Great for Beginners or seasoned Experts The Campgrounds is an all around classic designed in Carlsbad and handcrafted in North County San Diego, California.


Rider Ability:

  • Beginner to Expert


Types of Waves:

  • Small to Rolling Head High Waves